an odyssey 2018
Installation Performance 

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Hour Hands 2018
Installation Performance / Clay, wood, LED screen, soup, wood stove


























 I invited 100 people of all ages and background from the neighborhood of the museum, to built their own house out of a small piece of clay that I gave them.
All the houses were installed inside the museum space in a specially designed setup.

Outside the museum and during the opening, there was an open fire and visitors were offered soup, bread and a small piece of clay.
The project was still developing  by the visitors them selves. They were all enthusiastically building new houses, placing them among the existed ones and showing them to each other.












Unseen Image/Intangible Material  2017
Installation / Wood, mirror, stone, B&W laser prints, colour fine art prints

curated by Aemilia Papaphilippou
































RosaIMG_0207 Pipes-next-to-pipes0328
































 Press release text by Aemilia Papaphilippou








The axe  2014
Site specific sculpture – photograph/3m Chestnut branch and an axe/fine art print 2mX1m           



I collected discarded objects from the surrounding area assembled them into 
a sculpture and installed it in the mountains of Lesvos island, Greece.








The bucket  2013
Sculpture – Photograph /  plastic bucket, tap, copper pipe, water pump, mirror, water,                                                    electricity / fine art print 1m X 80cm







Home 2012-13
Sculpture / 
Wood, MDF, wheels, blackboard paint 310cm X 390cm X 244cm











I started making this house for practical reasons – a place to stay alone or with my children –  but in time it started to grow and transform.
The whole construction is flexible and quite open concerning its final form,
which is based on the idea of a house, an essential need but also a living entity: constantly moving and evolving.

The house has three windows and a door that can be opened in two different parts and inside a closet for clothes, a desk with a chair, a sofa (big enough for one person to sleep) and an entresol with a double bed.






 Meditation  2013
 Sculpture  /  Discarded wood from the workshop







Untitled  2013
 Sculpture /  Discarded wood from the workshop, candles












The bar 2012
Sculpture / Leftover wood from the workshop 200 X 170cm

Collaboration with Leonid Tsvetkov 










Dream house 2010
Sculpture / Graphite rubbing of my worktable top, paper, oak table, wood and wax, paper 140X260cm 
table with house 100 X 55 X 70cm










 Tree with a view 2010
Installation / Wood, nails, bolts and nuts, chain 5 X 1,80m











Facing west  2009
Light box / Duratrans print, MDF,  300 X 50cm 



Inverting the image of the city, I recognise less.
I can’t tell east from west, which way is up or down, 
if it is a city or a natural landscape. 
And yet, I can see farther. It provokes both my eye and my perspective. 
It’s building up and falling apart, again and again.
And in this chaotic and inhospitable environment I am finding my home.











Inverted rendition  2009
Installation / Found objects, 10 X 3.8m













Discarded cupboards, closets, bookshelves, salvaged from the streets, made to fit
and suspended from the ceiling. One side shows the orderly surfaces and
the other reveals the traces of former use. 












The briefcase 2009
Sculpture / Solid piece of bended hardwood and handle, 50 X 38cm














Like father like son  2006
Installation – photograph  / mirror, wooden beam 2 X 2 X 3.8m, fine art print 1m X 1m

Mirror held to the ceiling supported with a wooden beam.











To know your enemy (Judean desert)  2009
Installation – photograph  / Discarded objects and a cactus, fine art print 1m X 80cm

Discarded objects collected from the surrounding area, 
assembled into a sculpture and installed in the Judean dessert, Israel.











 Aemilia  2005
Video installation / Digital video on DVD, 6′:00″










 Trees have roots and birds have wings  2005
Performance-Installation /  Discarded wood, 12m high




house Diptycht1








During a period of two months, discarded wood was collected
around Amsterdam.
In the garden of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, I built a little house

under the tree, from which we slept, cooked and worked on the
The work and the process of building, became a meeting place,

an event, a social project, a celebration.
Passers by, neighbours, local office workers, school children came
to be part of the whole process.
My father came to live and work with me.His presence felt to me
as he was representing the past generations.









 Heaven  2004
Installation/casted glass, rope








 Earth 2004


In the basement of a former woodworking college, I stood naked and blindfold.
I had erased any evidence of human presence,and light.
The audience were invited to enter the space, one at a time.
They were handed a torch, and shown the way in via a ladder.
They could explore the space in their own time.








 The motorcycle project 2003
Book / Denim pocket and polaroids




Over the course of a 5 week residency,I invited individuals to join me on short motorcycle trips.
We always left from and returned to the same spot.
When, with whom, how long and to where was never predetermined.
Each journey was caught on Polaroid. I compiled a one off book of these 28 Polaroids.








On the way home  2003

Collaboration with Avshalom Sigawi 


Having removed all our belongings from our rooms at home,
and the doors, we brought them to a space visible to and
with 24hr access to the public. Using this as material we worked 
and lived in the space for 12 days. This performance culminated in an installation.








 a Kind of You 2001
Book / Offset print, 24 pages























I was born in 1973 in Pireaus.The photographs are of the view from my house.
View which I look at since I was born.
The photographs were taken within the year 2000
and the diary was written in 1988.
The book was printed in 100 copies.